1. Electronic registration of the mini-symposia proposals ends on December 31st, 2018.
  2. Proposals may be registered electronically on the website, inside the registration form, by setting the ‘Mini-symposia proposal’ status to YES (registration form may be updated anytime), or via e-mail by sending proposals form to
  3. Each mini-symposium should cover at least one session with a minimum of 6 presentations, each 15 minutes long. Mini-symposia organizers will have the possibility to propose/accept one introductory keynote speech, longer than other mini-symposium lectures.
  4. Upon acceptance of the mini-symposium proposal (January, 2019), it will appear in the Congress web page to allow speakers to assign their abstracts to the selected minisymposia.
  5. The mini-symposia organizers will be responsible for the acceptance of submitted papers (the whole process of submission and review will be carried out electronically).
  6. The mini-symposia organizers are expected to attend the conference and to chair their sessions (they may contribute to the mini-symposium as well).
  7. The conference organizers reserve the right to merge mini-symposia, or to redirect preregistered abstracts to the other mini-symposia.

[link to: PCM-CMM2019_MS_proposal_form.doc]