Program at a Glance



Plenary lectures


Professor Leszek Demkowicz
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Progress Report on the DPG Method

Professor Fionn Dunne
Imperial College London, Great Britain

Microstructurally-Sensitive Fatigue Crack Nucleation and Growth: Dislocation Configurational Energy and Crystal Plasticity Approaches


Professor Thomas J.R. Hughes
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Professor Tomasz Lewiński
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Least Weight Structures and Least Compliant Bodies. Optimal Layout Problems and Recovery of Underlying Microstructure.

Professor Shaker Meguid
University of Toronto, Canada

Multiscale Modeling of Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Opportunities and Challenges

Professor Andreas Menzel
Technical University Dortmund, Germany
Lund University, Sweden

Professor Nobutada Ohno
Nagoya University, Japan

Strain Range Evaluation for Cyclic Plasticity: Proposal of Resetting Scheme

Professor Jerzy Pamin
Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Numerical Simulation of Material Instabilities

Professor Henryk Petryk
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland

On Microstructural Length Scales in Single Crystals

Professor Franz G. Rammerstorfer
Technical University of Vienna, Austria

​​​​​​Some Oddities in Plate and Shell Buckling

Professor Meir Shillor
Oakland University, USA

Professor Marek Stankiewicz
Jagiellonian University, Poland

The following mini-symposia have been accepted:

MS01. Adaptive Methods, Higher Order Approximation, and Error Control
organized by: Witold Cecot, Waldemar Rachowicz and Grzegorz Zboiński

MS02. Advances in Open-Source Software for Solving Problems in Computational Mechanics
organized by: Jack S. Hale, Michal Habera, Martin Řehoř, Garth N. Wells and Andreas Zilian

MS03. Composite Structures - Modelling, Testing and Manufacturing
organized by: Lothar Kroll, Mieczysław Kuczma, Wojciech Błażejewski, Arkadiusz Denisiewicz, Tomasz Socha, Krzysztof Kula, Grzegorz Lesiuk, Michał Stosiak and Michał Barcikowski

MS04. Concrete and Concrete Structures - Modelling and Testing  
organized by: Andrzej Winnicki, Michael Kaliske, Mieczysław Kuczma, Herbert A. Mang, Jerzy Pamin and Maria A. Polak

MS05. Creativity and Innovation in Structural Design    
organized by: Bogdan Bochenek, Łukasz Jankowski, Tomasz Lewiński, Mirosław Mrzygłód and Michał Nowak

MS06. Design, Optimization and Virtual Prototyping of Lightweight Structures in Land Vehicles and Aircrafts    
organized by: Lothar Kroll, Jarosław Mamala, Mirosław W. Mrzygłód and Jacek Wydrych

MS07. Direct Methods: Methodological Progress and Engineering Applications    
organized by: Aurora Pisano, Konstantinos Spiliopoulos and Dieter Weichert

MS08. Discrete Material Modelling at Various Scales    
organized by: Rimantas Kačianauskas, Bernhard Peters, Jacek Tejchman and Jerzy Rojek

MS09. Influence of Vibrations on the Environment    
organized by: Marek S. Kozień and Józef Nizioł

MS10. Mechanisms, Machines and Robots — Theory and Applications     
organized by: Jacek Bałchanowski, Andrzej Harlecki and Marek Wojtyra

MS11. Mesh Reduction Methods    
organized by: Piotr Fedeliński, Aleksandr Linkov and Bogdan Wilczyński

MS12. Modelling and Simulation of Multiphase Flows
organized by: Jacek Pozorski, Cristian Marchioli and Maciej Marek

MS13. Multiscale Modelling of Materials and Structures    
organized by: Tadeusz Burczyński, Maciej Pietrzyk, Wacław Kuś, Łukasz Madej and Łukasz Rauch

MS14. Non-Conventional Methods for Solid Mechanics (NMSM)    
organized by: Wojciech Sumelka, Tomasz Blaszczyk, HongGuang Sun, Jacek Leszczyński and Giuseppe Failla

MS15. Novel Euler-Lagrange Approaches for Coupling Fluid-Dynamics and Granular Media    
organized by: Dariusz Kardaś, Bernhard Peters, Izabela Wardach-Święcicka and Wojciech Sobieski

MS16. Numerical Heat and Mass Transfer    
Ewa Majchrzak, Bohdan Mochnacki and Bozidar Sarler

MS17. Numerical Modelling of Rocks and Soils    
organized by: Zenon Mróz, Stan Pietruszczak, Jerzy Podgórski and Andrzej Winnicki

MS18. Particle Accelerators – Challenges in Mechanics and Applications to Materials Research
organized by: Marek Stankiewicz, Tadeusz Kurtyka and Błażej Skoczeń

MS19. Safety Aspects Under Dynamic Loadings: Numerical Design and Experiment    
organized by: Piotr W. Sielicki, Paweł Baranowski and Grzegorz Sławiński

MS20. Stability and Bifurcations in Machinery    
organized by: Włodzimierz Kurnik, Utz von Wagner and Jerzy Warmiński

MS21. Stochastic Mechanics  
organized by:  Andrzej Tylikowski, Radosław Iwankiewicz, Zbigniew Jan Zembaty and Agnieszka Ozga

MS22. Thin Liquid Films     
organized by: Alexander Oron and Michael Bestehorn

MS23. Thin-Walled Structures - Analysis and Application
organized by: Radoslaw J. Mania, Wojciech Witkowski and Richard Degenhardt